Santa Shuffle 5K PR!

Hello and Happy December to you!

I’m so excited it is December! Only 2 more weeks left of placement, then two weeks off and back to school <–boo to that haha.

Let’s talk about what happened yesterday!!


As I said the Santa Shuffle for Salvation Army was originally a road race but for various reasons it was kicked to a track, a horse racing track at that.


The track was loose gravol, and we were expecting rain. Thank goodness that held off. Around 10am everyone headed to the far side of the track to begin the race. This was a fun run so there was no chip timing or start line, nothing fancy. The pros of that is all the proceeds went to the Salvation Army and helped people in need this Christmas. Win, win.


They said go and we were off. The race was a 5K, and the track was half a mile long. So we did 6.5 laps total for the race. I was freezing the first bit. There was a bit of a head wind, but nothing major. The track was angled, so I tried to stay low. I felt the angle in my ankles the most.


Mile splits: 9:44, 9:45, 9:52, :53, 1:31

The  :53 seconds is for the .10 of a mile, which I beeped my watch at for my 5k time, and the 1:31 is for the rest of the .17 miles, to finish.



3.27 miles in 31:47

5K 30:15 <—thats a PR for this girl!!!!!

I am very happy and excited about my time. First, ALL of my miles are in the 9 min/mile range. Even if they are at the top portion, they are not in the 10s anymore. This is HUGE for me, HUGE. I am excited just typing this. You see, I’ve been in the 10s forever, and just in the past few weeks has my running pace really picked up. Couldn’t tell ya why but it has. I have also been training at a faster pace. Been doing short tempo runs at a 9:45 pace, and some speed work as well. The other day I ran a mile at 6.5mph. 


Anyways, this shows me that I CAN get faster, it just takes time and hard work. My goal for 2013 is to run a sub-30 5K, and this just shows me that it is more than possible. I didn’t train for this race, so with some training I could achieve this goal.I know that this run was easy because it was a track run, but still, I’m taking the PR and running with it <–pun.

At the finish line, well actually once we were back inside the Casino, we were handed our finishers medals, and an Advent Calendar. a Lindt one at that!!! I tweeted yesterday morning how I didn’t have an advent calendar yet this year, and then I got one at the finish. My kinda race. Now I get a little chocolate every day for this month, and a nice reminder of my PR!!!!!!Photo: An Advent calendar at the finish line, my kinda race.

The race was not what I expected, but it was fun and I am SO glad I did it. A part of me wishes I could have just run 16 seconds faster, for my 5K time to be in the 29 min, but that’s what my next race is for, right 😉 Off to eat my chocolates!





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