Paleo Diet – Take 1

Workout: 30 min arch trainer, weights, 1 mile run @ 6.5mph

Workout was alright, not too crazy but it got done. What I’m hear to talk about today is my eating. Since I have been home I have somewhat maintained my weight loss, winning <– sorry I had to. But I am finding I am starting to really slip up and fall back into old habits.

For quite awhile, I have known about the infamous Paleo diet, but have never thought anything about it other than its crazy! One of my friends, and teacher friends is Paleo and it has got me thinking. What if I could do it?

My real problem is sugar. Yep, gets me every time  Anything that involves sugar gives me major issues in trying to resist. Since I have been home mass amounts of sugar have been ingested into my body and I am starting to really feel the effects. I find myself craving sugar in the morning while eating breakfast. Usually I can resist those cravings, but when they strike again in the evening I try but do no succeed in resisting sugar.

With that being said, I am challenging myself to one week of Paleo diet eating. No, this is not a diet and it is not permanent, but more of a sugar detox and a way to get myself back on track.

Paleo diet consist of eating like a cave man. I’ll give you the rules and then tell you what I’m going to do…

Ok to eat: lean meats, fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds, seafood

NOT ok to eat: starch, dairy, grains, processed foods and sugars, alcohol

Seems nuts right? Well, I agree. Here is my plan for the week! Stick to the Paleo diet as closely as I can, + some organic skim milk (I’m going to buy tomorrow). I’m going to miss my cheese stick that I am eating daily on my way to the gym after school as workout fuel, and my english muffin in the morning, not to mention all the other shit I eat but really its only one week.

Friday November 30 – Friday December 7 – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Tomorrow is going to be difficult! I just need to remind myself its only a week, its only a week, its only a week……..

I’ll check back in every day with how I’m doing and my eats.



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