Turn It Around

Hello and Happy Friday!

Today I had the day off of school, and slept in until 9:30am  <—that is crazy sleeping in for me. Usually when I ‘sleep in’ it is only until 7:45am, this girl needed some sleep!

Anyways, despite the extra sleep, I didn’t start the day of the right way. I had sugar cereal for breakfast, who does that? Well, we have it in the house and my sugar need is still running high, and it happened. Not my proudest moment, lets say. Blah

I turned it around though.

Workout: AM: 2 mile run; PM: 10 min elliptical, weights, bike

I went for a quick 2 mile run, with my bro who rode his bike. It was fast – for me at least. 18:47 for 2 miles, with my splits at 9:22 and 9:24. Wah. Where did that come from? I couldn’t stop my legs, they were just going fast. 9:30 is my future goal pace. Needless to say it was a good run. I did stop and walk for about a minute or so to catch my breath and then kept moving along.

Photo: My Friday Running Buddy!!

So, I’m not making a challenge per say, but I am going to ‘challenge’ myself to really cut the sugar. Like come on, I don’t actually love granola bars, I can give them up. I do love cupcakes though, so the plan is to wait and have a treat that I really love once and a while, not just eat shit daily to fulfill my crazy sugar cravings.

Mmmm yes I love donuts!

I came across this quote and thought it might be good to include:

10. Go Cold Turkey – This is for those of you that CAN’T moderate your sugar intake. If you can’t limit yourself to just ONE cookie, or a SMALL piece of cake, without bingeing, cutting out the sweets altogether may be just what you need. I’ll warn you, the first day or so is terrible, both mentally and physically. But once you’re over the hump, it’s smooth sailing, and you actually won’t crave sugar at all

I found this, and 9 other sugar tips on THIS website, check it out if you love sugar! Maybe I’ll try to go cold turkey for a few days. I’ll keep ya posted.

I’m going to include my eats from the day at the end of my posts, just for my own accountability purposes.


– raisin bran + cinnamon toast crunch with milk


– piece of delicious lasgana

Snack: post PM workout

– Cheese Stick


– Chicken burger with bun

– Salad with dressing

I think I am going to find something good on Netflix to curl up in my bed and watch tonight.



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