A New Trend

Today I skipped the gym, again. Seems to be a new bad trend in my life. I was going to go, but I had to get home to get my Mom her car so she could get to work. And then we ate dinner, and then I got lazy. I know all poor excuses.

Another new trend is eating junk after dinner. This is not something I normally do (while at school) and I need to cut this habit NOW! The main culprit is usually granola bars. I have a strong liking for granola bars, they just suck me in. LOVEEEEE! Anyways, I need to stop eating after dinner, or if anything have something healthy!

The workouts need to happen in the morning, or right after school. The whole coming home thing and then working out is just not working out (pun haha) for me. I have a motivation to get back to the gym (a cute boy visit 😉 next week every day after school so this will help.

As for the cutting of the junk food, the only time I’m eating it right now is in the evening, so if I cut this then I will be doing alright.

Tomorrow I have the day off, so I will be busy sleeping in, and unit planning with The Giver. Lots to do! I also am going to do a double day. AM = 30 day shred + run, PM = Gym workout

Anyways, its past my bedtime.

Catch ya later!


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