Eating Clean at Home

AM: 30 day shred DVD – level 1
PM: 30 min arch trainer, quick upper body weights, 45 min spin

Workouts today = a success!! Got them in and it felt good! I need to get running this week still, tomorrow after school, fo sho. I got back to spin class tonight and it was greattt!! Hard, but felt good!

Well, as you may know I am back home now. It is no secret that I struggle with eating clean while living at home with my family. I always gain weight and just generally feel crappy about myself.

The past few days (I’ve been home since Friday) have been ok. I haven’t gone crazy with the treats, but definitely know I have also not been eating clean. My workouts also have not been consistent.

I know that loosing weight is 80% what you eat, 20% what you do. So sure, I can workout to exhaustion but I’m not going to loose weight if I don’t eat right. So I just need to buckle down, and find what is important to me and focus.

Sure that cookie is giving me instant gratification, tasting good, satisfying my craving etc. but how is it going to feel when my new ‘teacher clothes’ don’t fit anymore? How is it going to feel when the scale us going up instead of down? Well, its not going to be worth it than.

So, I know that I’m not going to be perfect. I know that every workout is not going to get done now that I’m teaching, busy and tired. I know that I don’t eat perfect all the time, but I DO know that I can make cleaner eating choices to help me maintain the weight I am at for now, until I figure out how to get down again.

Time to eat clean!


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