Being Flexible

Workout: Skipped

Today I skipped the gym, I was simply tired and blah after teaching all day. Poor excuse I know. Tomorrow I am going to try to do a double day, to make up for it. Get up around 5:20am, do 30 day shred DVD and run at least 2 miles. Then at 5:30pm take a spin class. That’s the plan. Hopefully it happens. Right now I am just trying to do what I can until I figure out a good plan. 

Yesterday I started my student teaching. I was assigned a grade three class, but because there were three student teachers in the class I was moved to a grade 6/7 class. I am a bit nervous about this change, but my associate teacher is awesome and very helpful! I am excited for this unique opportunity, and the kids seem great!

My first lessons begin next week, reading The Giver to the class. I am suppose to preread the book tonight, so I should go do that now. 

Wah, did I mention how tired I am? Geez! Hopefully by the end of the week I won’t feel so spent at the end of the day.  Anyways, I best get reading this book. Just thought I would check in!

Hope all is well.



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