Back on Track

I took today off from working out, even though I also took Friday off. Womp womp womp. Whatever. Haha.

I had a great weekend!

Friday night the RM (my room mate) and I watched Elf, it was wonderful!!!

Saturday I studied for my math test, blah, and went for a 3.5 mile run. Run was hard, but it got done. Then Saturday night a bunch of people from my class were going out to a local Indian restraunt for a birthday celebration/end of the year dinner. Since I have not attended any of the outing put on by my classmates this year, I dediced to go. Another factor was that I have never tried Indian food and really wanted to, and I didn’t feel like making dinner. Win, win, win. I got the butter chicken and wah it was awesome! I loved it!! I didn’t finish it so I brought the second half home and just ate it for dinner. YUM!

After the dinner a friend of mine invited me to go to a bonfire a friend of hers was having. I decided to go, wasn’t doing anything anyways, and try and meet new people, namely some men. The fire was so much fun. Got to meet a whole bunch of new cool people, enjoyed some rye and cokes, and had lots of laughs. 

Today I studied for math, made banana muffins for a potluck tomorrow and stayed in my PJs until 2pm. 

So all in all it was a fun weekend, but I know that I did not eat perfect, like I need to be. I am ok with this and just need to accept and move on. Alcohol is NOT good for you, it basically stops your metabolism, hence weight gain. This is not something I want. 

Tomorrow I am going to get back on track with my eating and exercise! I go home on Friday, so all I have to do is make it until then!

This week in…





Th-The Keg



M-20 min stair master, 20 min Circuit, 20 min HIIT

T-2 mile speed run

W-20 min stair master, 20 min circuit, 20 min bike

Th-60 min XT

F-3 mile run

Well that is all I have for you today, my blogging has been crap as of late but I have been busy and I don’t love how wordpress is set up. I need to work on this.

Happy Sunday!


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