What’s New

Hello and happy Friday!!

How are you all doing?? Wah it has been crazy busy around here, but let me tell you what has been going on…

– I got my teaching placement!! I have been anxiously waiting for weeks! After a few days of potentially having to switch school boards I got notice that I will be in the city I want, in a grade 3 class, with a great teacher, at a nice school. I am beyond excited. And nervous.

– School has been crazy busy, but I only have a few more things left to do before the end of the term.

– I go home in one week from today!!!!!!!

– Today in my grade 2/3 class we had a supply teacher and it was chaos!

– My eating has been so/so. Today I bought a bag of Halloween candy, it was dirt cheap, and I plan to have 2 pieces a day. This is reasonable, balanced, and I think I can do it. The bag has WonderBars, Mr. Big, and Caramal bars, so not my favourite but will be a nice treat every day. Just 2 though, that is the trick.

– I have only run once this week, which was a 2 miler yesterday in the cold and wind. I ran to the library because I had to return a book, and let me just tell you, running with a book is not easy.

– I got a new Lululemon black tank, its cute, I like it.

– I didn’t workout today, figure I’ll take it as my rest day.

– My throat has been feeling weird the past few days and it just started to really hurt this afternoon. Better not be getting sick.

– I am making my room-mate watch Elf with me tonight.

– I am currently reading the second hunger games book and its kind of slow so far, I hope it picks up soon!!

So, whats new with you??



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