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Paleo Diet – Take 1

Workout: 30 min arch trainer, weights, 1 mile run @ 6.5mph

Workout was alright, not too crazy but it got done. What I’m hear to talk about today is my eating. Since I have been home I have somewhat maintained my weight loss, winning <– sorry I had to. But I am finding I am starting to really slip up and fall back into old habits.

For quite awhile, I have known about the infamous Paleo diet, but have never thought anything about it other than its crazy! One of my friends, and teacher friends is Paleo and it has got me thinking. What if I could do it?

My real problem is sugar. Yep, gets me every time  Anything that involves sugar gives me major issues in trying to resist. Since I have been home mass amounts of sugar have been ingested into my body and I am starting to really feel the effects. I find myself craving sugar in the morning while eating breakfast. Usually I can resist those cravings, but when they strike again in the evening I try but do no succeed in resisting sugar.

With that being said, I am challenging myself to one week of Paleo diet eating. No, this is not a diet and it is not permanent, but more of a sugar detox and a way to get myself back on track.

Paleo diet consist of eating like a cave man. I’ll give you the rules and then tell you what I’m going to do…

Ok to eat: lean meats, fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds, seafood

NOT ok to eat: starch, dairy, grains, processed foods and sugars, alcohol

Seems nuts right? Well, I agree. Here is my plan for the week! Stick to the Paleo diet as closely as I can, + some organic skim milk (I’m going to buy tomorrow). I’m going to miss my cheese stick that I am eating daily on my way to the gym after school as workout fuel, and my english muffin in the morning, not to mention all the other shit I eat but really its only one week.

Friday November 30 – Friday December 7 – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Tomorrow is going to be difficult! I just need to remind myself its only a week, its only a week, its only a week……..

I’ll check back in every day with how I’m doing and my eats.



Turn It Around

Hello and Happy Friday!

Today I had the day off of school, and slept in until 9:30am  <—that is crazy sleeping in for me. Usually when I ‘sleep in’ it is only until 7:45am, this girl needed some sleep!

Anyways, despite the extra sleep, I didn’t start the day of the right way. I had sugar cereal for breakfast, who does that? Well, we have it in the house and my sugar need is still running high, and it happened. Not my proudest moment, lets say. Blah

I turned it around though.

Workout: AM: 2 mile run; PM: 10 min elliptical, weights, bike

I went for a quick 2 mile run, with my bro who rode his bike. It was fast – for me at least. 18:47 for 2 miles, with my splits at 9:22 and 9:24. Wah. Where did that come from? I couldn’t stop my legs, they were just going fast. 9:30 is my future goal pace. Needless to say it was a good run. I did stop and walk for about a minute or so to catch my breath and then kept moving along.

Photo: My Friday Running Buddy!!

So, I’m not making a challenge per say, but I am going to ‘challenge’ myself to really cut the sugar. Like come on, I don’t actually love granola bars, I can give them up. I do love cupcakes though, so the plan is to wait and have a treat that I really love once and a while, not just eat shit daily to fulfill my crazy sugar cravings.

Mmmm yes I love donuts!

I came across this quote and thought it might be good to include:

10. Go Cold Turkey – This is for those of you that CAN’T moderate your sugar intake. If you can’t limit yourself to just ONE cookie, or a SMALL piece of cake, without bingeing, cutting out the sweets altogether may be just what you need. I’ll warn you, the first day or so is terrible, both mentally and physically. But once you’re over the hump, it’s smooth sailing, and you actually won’t crave sugar at all

I found this, and 9 other sugar tips on THIS website, check it out if you love sugar! Maybe I’ll try to go cold turkey for a few days. I’ll keep ya posted.

I’m going to include my eats from the day at the end of my posts, just for my own accountability purposes.


– raisin bran + cinnamon toast crunch with milk


– piece of delicious lasgana

Snack: post PM workout

– Cheese Stick


– Chicken burger with bun

– Salad with dressing

I think I am going to find something good on Netflix to curl up in my bed and watch tonight.


A New Trend

Today I skipped the gym, again. Seems to be a new bad trend in my life. I was going to go, but I had to get home to get my Mom her car so she could get to work. And then we ate dinner, and then I got lazy. I know all poor excuses.

Another new trend is eating junk after dinner. This is not something I normally do (while at school) and I need to cut this habit NOW! The main culprit is usually granola bars. I have a strong liking for granola bars, they just suck me in. LOVEEEEE! Anyways, I need to stop eating after dinner, or if anything have something healthy!

The workouts need to happen in the morning, or right after school. The whole coming home thing and then working out is just not working out (pun haha) for me. I have a motivation to get back to the gym (a cute boy visit 😉 next week every day after school so this will help.

As for the cutting of the junk food, the only time I’m eating it right now is in the evening, so if I cut this then I will be doing alright.

Tomorrow I have the day off, so I will be busy sleeping in, and unit planning with The Giver. Lots to do! I also am going to do a double day. AM = 30 day shred + run, PM = Gym workout

Anyways, its past my bedtime.

Catch ya later!

Eating Clean at Home

AM: 30 day shred DVD – level 1
PM: 30 min arch trainer, quick upper body weights, 45 min spin

Workouts today = a success!! Got them in and it felt good! I need to get running this week still, tomorrow after school, fo sho. I got back to spin class tonight and it was greattt!! Hard, but felt good!

Well, as you may know I am back home now. It is no secret that I struggle with eating clean while living at home with my family. I always gain weight and just generally feel crappy about myself.

The past few days (I’ve been home since Friday) have been ok. I haven’t gone crazy with the treats, but definitely know I have also not been eating clean. My workouts also have not been consistent.

I know that loosing weight is 80% what you eat, 20% what you do. So sure, I can workout to exhaustion but I’m not going to loose weight if I don’t eat right. So I just need to buckle down, and find what is important to me and focus.

Sure that cookie is giving me instant gratification, tasting good, satisfying my craving etc. but how is it going to feel when my new ‘teacher clothes’ don’t fit anymore? How is it going to feel when the scale us going up instead of down? Well, its not going to be worth it than.

So, I know that I’m not going to be perfect. I know that every workout is not going to get done now that I’m teaching, busy and tired. I know that I don’t eat perfect all the time, but I DO know that I can make cleaner eating choices to help me maintain the weight I am at for now, until I figure out how to get down again.

Time to eat clean!

Being Flexible

Workout: Skipped

Today I skipped the gym, I was simply tired and blah after teaching all day. Poor excuse I know. Tomorrow I am going to try to do a double day, to make up for it. Get up around 5:20am, do 30 day shred DVD and run at least 2 miles. Then at 5:30pm take a spin class. That’s the plan. Hopefully it happens. Right now I am just trying to do what I can until I figure out a good plan. 

Yesterday I started my student teaching. I was assigned a grade three class, but because there were three student teachers in the class I was moved to a grade 6/7 class. I am a bit nervous about this change, but my associate teacher is awesome and very helpful! I am excited for this unique opportunity, and the kids seem great!

My first lessons begin next week, reading The Giver to the class. I am suppose to preread the book tonight, so I should go do that now. 

Wah, did I mention how tired I am? Geez! Hopefully by the end of the week I won’t feel so spent at the end of the day.  Anyways, I best get reading this book. Just thought I would check in!

Hope all is well.


Back on Track

I took today off from working out, even though I also took Friday off. Womp womp womp. Whatever. Haha.

I had a great weekend!

Friday night the RM (my room mate) and I watched Elf, it was wonderful!!!

Saturday I studied for my math test, blah, and went for a 3.5 mile run. Run was hard, but it got done. Then Saturday night a bunch of people from my class were going out to a local Indian restraunt for a birthday celebration/end of the year dinner. Since I have not attended any of the outing put on by my classmates this year, I dediced to go. Another factor was that I have never tried Indian food and really wanted to, and I didn’t feel like making dinner. Win, win, win. I got the butter chicken and wah it was awesome! I loved it!! I didn’t finish it so I brought the second half home and just ate it for dinner. YUM!

After the dinner a friend of mine invited me to go to a bonfire a friend of hers was having. I decided to go, wasn’t doing anything anyways, and try and meet new people, namely some men. The fire was so much fun. Got to meet a whole bunch of new cool people, enjoyed some rye and cokes, and had lots of laughs. 

Today I studied for math, made banana muffins for a potluck tomorrow and stayed in my PJs until 2pm. 

So all in all it was a fun weekend, but I know that I did not eat perfect, like I need to be. I am ok with this and just need to accept and move on. Alcohol is NOT good for you, it basically stops your metabolism, hence weight gain. This is not something I want. 

Tomorrow I am going to get back on track with my eating and exercise! I go home on Friday, so all I have to do is make it until then!

This week in…





Th-The Keg



M-20 min stair master, 20 min Circuit, 20 min HIIT

T-2 mile speed run

W-20 min stair master, 20 min circuit, 20 min bike

Th-60 min XT

F-3 mile run

Well that is all I have for you today, my blogging has been crap as of late but I have been busy and I don’t love how wordpress is set up. I need to work on this.

Happy Sunday!

What’s New

Hello and happy Friday!!

How are you all doing?? Wah it has been crazy busy around here, but let me tell you what has been going on…

– I got my teaching placement!! I have been anxiously waiting for weeks! After a few days of potentially having to switch school boards I got notice that I will be in the city I want, in a grade 3 class, with a great teacher, at a nice school. I am beyond excited. And nervous.

– School has been crazy busy, but I only have a few more things left to do before the end of the term.

– I go home in one week from today!!!!!!!

– Today in my grade 2/3 class we had a supply teacher and it was chaos!

– My eating has been so/so. Today I bought a bag of Halloween candy, it was dirt cheap, and I plan to have 2 pieces a day. This is reasonable, balanced, and I think I can do it. The bag has WonderBars, Mr. Big, and Caramal bars, so not my favourite but will be a nice treat every day. Just 2 though, that is the trick.

– I have only run once this week, which was a 2 miler yesterday in the cold and wind. I ran to the library because I had to return a book, and let me just tell you, running with a book is not easy.

– I got a new Lululemon black tank, its cute, I like it.

– I didn’t workout today, figure I’ll take it as my rest day.

– My throat has been feeling weird the past few days and it just started to really hurt this afternoon. Better not be getting sick.

– I am making my room-mate watch Elf with me tonight.

– I am currently reading the second hunger games book and its kind of slow so far, I hope it picks up soon!!

So, whats new with you??