A Little Catchup

Hey all

How have you been? I know it has been a week since I last checked in. I wrote a post the other day (Monday?) and some how managed to delete it right before I was going to publish it so I never went back to re-type and have since forgot about it.

I had a crazy week with school again, but only 11 days until I go home and begin my student teaching – yeah!!! Lots of group assignments, lesson plans, unit plans, exams blah blah blah due so it has been keeping me from you grand ol’ people <–and now I’m rambling.

This week in workouts…

Had a good week for workouts! I got in 6 full workouts which included running 11.5 miles, which is the highest I have run in a loooong time. My legs are sore and achy so I am going to messege them out tonight and not run until Tuesday this week.

This week in eats…

Not a horrible week (from what I can remember) but not great for dinners. Tonight I had oatmeal for dinner, and Friday I remember having an egg + turkey bacon english muffin sanny, yumm!! Not too worried about this, but I just have to keep pumping the veggies in, and an easy way to do this is through proper dinners.

Now lets plan for next week!


M-40 min XT + weights circuit
T-20 min HIIT
W-40 min XT + weights circuit
Th-3.25 mile run
F-40 min XT + weights circuit
Sa-4.5 mile run

Did you go out for Halloween this weekend?
– I did not, too much school, not enough motivation to go out. lame I know


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