Since We Last Spoke

I debated even writing this tonight, but thought ahh why not. I have a little more time on my hands this summer so I may write a bit more if I have anything to say.

Since we last spoke back in March things have been going on…

– I ‘ran’ my second half marathon! I say ran loosely because it wasn’t pretty, but I finished!


Ottawa Half Marathon complete!

I should write a post on just that race because it was a good/horrible experience for me. But now I am a half marathoner x2!!

– I also ran the Forest City 10K again this year, again I hated the course but my time was 2 minutes faster than last years time!


– I stopped training. Yes completely stopped. Since Ottawa I have not been following a training plan, am not registered for any races and am kind of loving it. The break is needed. I have been running, if not more, and building some speed – which is what I have wanted to do for a while now. I am thinking some fall 5 or 10k races will happen so I can try for some new PR’s but for now I am taking a break from serious training. I run 3-5 times a week still but don’t stress if I miss a run or don’t hit a certain pace or distance. Although I have been hitting all of my paces lately! One thing I haven’t been doing is running long, nothing over 10km since the half marathon. I was thinking of doing a fall half but that would require me to start training now/soon and I don’t think I want to. So alas I won’t

But you know you’re not training for anything when one week you run 19 miles and the next you run 5. Yeah that may have happened.


– I finished work for the school year, and got a few days of supply work in!

– I started trail running, and besides the bug bites and random rashes oh and constant twisting of my ankles I am loving it!





– And lastly I’ve been enjoying some of this…


Random Thoughts

Hello and happy hump day!

Today’s post is going to be random thoughts and things I have been doing.

– today I went to spin, haven’t been to this spin class in a looooong time because I usually have work or other commitments at this time. Anyways the class was crazy but amazing. And the 10 mins of abs after was so good that I am already feeling it, only 1.5 hours after. The instructor is amazing!

– yesterday was a rough day for me. I had a really negative experience and got some not great news for me about supply teaching. I’m trying to pull myself out of that and move on but it was a rough day. Let’s just say last night involved mini eggs. Yum

– I haven’t run since sunday(long run) because my groin area is sore and my legs are dead. But tonight after work I’m going to the park for a run.

– I’m so sick of winter. It’s still snowing here. Gah!

– there is this girl at the gym and she started a few months ago and she is looking amazing! I need to tell her this! You know how she is losing weight? Well me either but I’m guessing because she is eating healthy. All I can think is in the past few months she has lost weight and gotten so healthy and I’m still the same size, if not bigger, in this time. Frustrating

– I’m ready to be done work. I’m burnt out. I’m used to being done school in April and having a break from everything for a while. Well now that I’m in real life that’s not going to happen.

This post is long enough, better go fold my laundry!


8 miles & a run video

Today I had 8 miles on the long run plan. Last night I was having some tummy troubles and I was so tired. To say I was not looking forward to this run was a big understatement but I knew it had to get done.

Heading out I wasn’t sure I could complete it. I set my watch to the 10&1 again and just tried to stick with it. I took an extended walk break at some point, I think mile 6ish. Anyways I was going crazy so I took a video. Quality not great but I found it quite entertaining when I watched it at home.

I am feeling so much more tired and worn out this week than I did last week from my 7 miler which I find interesting. Also my left hip was hating me.

Anyways I hope the video gives you a laugh and you don’t get too annoyed from my voice.

Ok so the video won’t upload. Sorry friends. I’ll try to figure it out and post later. 💜


10 & 1

Yesterday I did my long run. One of the most successful long runs to date I would have to say. As I said I had 6-7 miles on the schedule but because I didn’t really work out last week I had low expectations and was dreading the pain and suffering that was going to accompany this run. I also secretly wanted to run 7 miles to prove to myself I CAN do it and to keep on track with my training.

Well let me tell you I did 7 miles and when I finished this run I was so freaking proud of myself. Possibly the most proud of myself I have ever been after a training run.

I got the idea to do the 10 and 1 for the run. My fitness is lacking so I thought a 1 minute walk break in between each 10 minutes of running would help to make the run more successful. And it did.

I told myself (I do a lot of talking to myself on my runs) to stick to the 10 and 1s no matter what. I didn’t pay too much attention to pace but rather to just keep running during the 10 minutes. “Earn that one minute walk break.” I lived for that one minute. The first 2 miles were great. Didn’t need the 1 minute but just stuck to the plan as I knew it was going to get tougher. And it did. Toward the end it was dying but I just stuck to the plan and got it did.

Also I had a major head wind of about 65km winds in portions but I pushed through and kept running. I often thought to myself, what if these are the conditions on race day. Then you are prepared.

Anyways I finished 7 miles in 1 hour 21 minutes with an average pace of 11:35. My fastest 7 miler ever! I still can’t believe I maintained that pace for the whole run. I was wondering if my watch doesn’t count the walk breaks in the average pace? Or total time? I have a garmin 10 and had it set to the run/walk mode. Which by the way is amazing because it tells you what to do and when to do it.

My point here, believe in yourself! You CAN do it!!

Now I need to get to the gym to pick up heavy things and put them down. Aka lift weights. Haven’t done that in about 2 weeks. This ought to hurt.


Losing Fitness

Hello and happy long run day!

How have you been? Things here are alright, I can’t say amazing but I’m still swimming haha.

I ended up kind of taking this week off from working out. It is our spring break from schools so my schedule changed. I worked 9-6 this week and just had zero motivation to get up before work to workout.

I also feel completely burnt out of working out. Running, weight lifting, cross training. Completely burnt out. I would have just taken the whole week off but I have that little thing called a half marathon in 10 weeks. So I did 30 mins of running/walking on Wednesday and Friday. And it was pretty horrible.

I have definitely lost my fitness and don’t really feel like training for said races I’m registered for. I guess when your slow and out of shape it makes you feel crappy. But I know if I wasn’t registered for races I would want to be registered for races. It’s a catch 22 a and doesn’t always make sense.

Anyways I’m rambling. Today I have a long run to do. I cut my long run last week short so this one is important. I have 6-7 miles on the schedule. I set up the 10 and 1 on my watch and want to try it to see how I like it. I’ve tried it before and didn’t like it but I think it might be a good idea for today’s run while getting back into things. I was also hi king about going to run club tomorrow. Which makes me feel nervous because I’m slow and out of shape but want to run with other people sometimes too. We will see.

Well better go get my things on, this run isn’t going to do itself. Also that wind/rain/snow mixture can stop any time now. This weather is the best!

Ottawa Half Marathon Training

Greeting aliens, I hope you are having a great weekend! Mine is full of sleeping and eating too much junk food. But you know what, tomorrow is the beginning of something, that something being the training cycle for the Ottawa Half Marathon!!! Ahhh

Being a novice runner I am always looking for tips and tricks as to how others at my pace and fitness level train for long distances races, which is the only reason I share what I do. To possibly give others an idea as to how another person does it. Anyways, here is my plan! I made it myself, as should you for your body type.

The plan:
Monday- spin + yoga
Tuesday – alternate weeks speed and hill workouts + weights
Wednesday – 3-6 miles pace at the park
Thursday – 45-60 min cross training + weights
Friday – tempo run
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – long run

I designed it so I could originally do my long runs on Friday but now I have to work 11 hours on Friday so I switched things around so I can do my long run on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and just move things around to make it work. I really love my Wednesday night medium length runs at the park. They clear my mind, challenge me with some hills and get some more outside miles in. I also am pretty relaxed about the pace right now of that run so I am just really enjoying it.

I have two races for sure before Ottawa, possibly a few more we will see. I’m hoping all goes well and am really going to focus on getting my body strong and healthy through sensible running, stretching, strength training and a balanced nutrient dense diet mixed in with some treats.

On the agenda for week one is:
M-spin+yoga + weights
T-5×400 @ 8:34
W-5 miles easy @ park
Th-XT + weights
F-1 mile tempo
Su-6 mile LR

Have a great week!!💙


Day 9 & 10: No Junk – What’s The Point?

What’s the point of this? Can you guess how the last 2 days have gone. Not well. What’s the point? A challenge like this isn’t motivating me at all. So I’m done. Quit. Quitter.

Hey donuts, you win.


Day 8: No Junk – A Planned Cheat, Kinda

Happy Tuesday!

I’m at work, killing time before the class I’m supervising is over and I can go to bed. Pretty zonked.

Today started off a little rough – in terms of my mood. I woke up grouchy. But luckily, or not, I had 2.5 hours to get the grouchiest out before work. I headed to the gym for my planned treadmill time. Usually by the time I get to the gym I am my normal happy crazy self – not today. One of the parents from my job also goes to the gym and I often see him on the cardio floor and we chit chat. Not today. I gave him a wave and that was all.

Work was crazy as usual, kids crying for 30 mins on end, puking and running around. Just a normal day. I also volunteered in the kinder room and had a great time doing some small group teaching. Oh it feels great to be using my skills again!!

Anyways, let’s talk food. I stayed on track today!! Although I am hungry right now haha. But I did cheat – kinda. But this cheat I am going to continue use because it’s ok. So my cheat is flavoured yogurt. Yes I know it’s full of added sugar and complete garbage but it keeps me happy.

Today after lunch I was wanting some sugar. So my compromise with myself was yogurt and berries. And you know what it did the trick. I mean it wasn’t As good as a cookie but I mean if it helps me keep on track then it’s fine. I have the plain kind as well and it just doesn’t do the same thing for me.

I combine said chemical and sugar laden yogurt with some frozen organic blueberries and it is amazing!

There, now you know my secret.


Day 7: No Junk – Struggling

Are you surprised by the title? Ugg this afternoon was another battle and I lost, the sugar monster took over! Fail 😦

Monday nights I go to yoga at my gym after work but today I was planning on skipping because I felt disgusting, like a whale and just didn’t feel like doing it. But somehow I found myself on the mat trying my best not to die and get into those tricky poses. It was tough. It wasn’t pretty but I am SO glad I went. Every week I get so proud of myself for going to this class, it’s something so small but it’s a big deal to me because yoga isn’t my ‘thing’ like some other activities at he gym.

I am hoping that the class will help to reset my mindset for the week and help me to make healthier and smarter choices for my body, even if they are not perfect.

Upon arrival home from yoga I got my first pair of compression socks!!! I hope they aid in helping my legs to recover and prevent injury!


Day 5 & 6: No Junk – 6 Miles For Nachos

Yesterday and today both went well – no sugar at all!! But I have been enjoying some salty snacks, read: chips, today.

My parents watch Nascar so they had a little party today and made nachos with blue chips and ground turkey. Although chips are on the no junk list I made sure to get my 6 mile run (which was freaking slow and hard) done and enjoy some nachos. And that I did, with no guilt. You know why? Because salty foods arnt my thing, it isn’t like sugar. I enjoy some and I’m done. Anyways they were yummy!

So the run, ya it wasn’t pretty. There was a crazy head wind on the highway and I died. I ran the first 2 miles and then took a .25 mile walk break at the beginning of each mile. I know that’s a long walk break but what can you do. I’m hoping by keeping with my long runs and eating healthier it will get easier.

Ok off to watch Downton!! Happy Sunday!